Don't forget to close!

As the interview draws to a conclusion, it’s common practice for you to be asked “whether you have any questions you’d like to ask”?

You should take this as an opportunity to leave a good final impression!

Again, if you know this question is likely to arise, why not prepare for it in advance! 

Below, you’ll find some good examples of “open ended” questions that will help you understand more about the role, the organization, and your chances of success.

1.    What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 90 days?

2.    What really drives results in this role?

3.    Can you tell me about the company culture?

4.    What are the company’s top priorities for the coming year?

5.    Why has this position become available?

6.    Do you have any concerns about my application?

7.    What are the biggest challenges in this role?

8.    What are the future prospects like within the company?

9.    What’s the best part of working for this company?

10.  If I’m successful today, what does the next stage of the interview process look like?

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