You've received a counter-offer!

You’ve received a counter-offer!

You’ve done the hard miles! You’ve crafted a great CV/Resume, attended several grueling interviews, and come out on top! The job offer has arrived, but your current employer has thrown a spanner in the works and made you an enticing counteroffer! 

What should you consider before deciding?

. Has the counter-offer fully addressed the reasons for wanting to leave your current role?

. Will the counter-offer only paper over the cracks and you’ll move on shortly?

. The salary looks great, but you need to investigate the overall packages before deciding. 

. Will accepting the counter-offer create a trust issue with your current employer?

. Which offer/organisation is best for your long-term career aspirations?

. What will you be leaving behind if you move on? Friendships, established reputation! 

. What is your “gut feel” on both offers?

. Can you speak to an un-biased third party to ask their opinion?

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